SEO – the key to online success

SEO supports companies in presenting their website as high as possible in search results; all this in order to make it easier for potential customers and users to find a specific offer after typing in specific keywords.

The strategic aspects of SEO are:

  • Content Marketing – creating a large amount of unique material on the company, brand or products.
  • Optimization and customization of the website for search mechanisms and user preferences; it includes optimization of the source code of a website and optimization of the content presented on website.
  • Link building i.e. promotion of the website from external sources.SEO

Positioning is based on continuous learning of the mechanisms controlling search engines and adjusting the codes of websites to the current algorithms of search engines in order to improve the position of a given website on the result list.

What does good website positioning give? More visitors and potential customers, which at the same time means higher earnings from AdWords or also sales of your product.

Why is SEO so important? Almost 80% of Polish users use the Internet every day or almost every day. This is almost 32 million potential customers in Poland alone. Google Robots scrupulously select the sites displayed in search results. In vulpo! we know how to make friends with them and dramatically increase the traffic on your website.