! One Page website or classic?

One Page Website

One Page websites and classic websites are visited by us everyday. It is very easy to notice between them some visual or structural similarities dictated by current trends. When we need to create a business card website where we clearly want to present the services we offer and not too many, or to present and describe briefly the event that we organize, the ideal solution will be One Page (not to be confused with the Single Page Application). What is better or worse than the classic subpages solution when it works?


In One Page type pages, navigation is based on a menu in which after clicking on an option, we are moved to the right place on the page. In the classic solution, we are redirected to the correct subpage. The question arises, what about link building and how does this affect SEO? In the same way with keywords, in the classic solution each sub-page has its own keywords, in One Page they must be placed in one place.


SEO is one of the challenges that One Page sets for us. As mentioned earlier, all keywords must be “crammed” on one page, and this is not a good solution. Here we encounter the first limitation, on the One Page websites we can not base the strategy of a company that offers a large number of services or products, it would just pass the goal. I do not think anyone can imagine an endless scrolling in search of a place that interests us. Using the classic solution with subpages, we will place keywords on specific services or products on them and the whole navigation will be much simpler.


And what about link building? We need to understand a bit how navigation is built in One Page pages. In the classic solution, it would look more or less like “ługa” and in One Page “ługa”. The only, but significant difference lies in adding “#” in our link, “/ service” will take us to the appropriate subpage, “/ # service” to the appropriate section. Fortunately, Google’s robots take both solutions into account.


Based on the structure of your website on One Page, we must ensure that every element is 100% refined and pampered. Content placed on it must be of the highest quality, because in classical solutions we can afford minor shortcomings on certain subpages, while on the One Page pages even the smallest detail will not escape the attention of visitors.


When we decide on One Page despite everything and take care of the points mentioned earlier, the effect may exceed our expectations. It is also worth mentioning that One Page is a great solution for the mobile version of the site, in the end we have everything in one place and we do not have to jump over subpages (which can be annoying).


In short, it’s worth to opt for One Page if you want to show visitors relatively little content. This solution is then attractive and much more friendly. Is better than classic? Well, it depends…