Why company need website?

! Why company need website?

Website for company

Website is now an essential element in the functioning of every company. It not only provides the backbone to marketing activities, but also presents the offer, range of services and all necessary information about the business activity in a quick and clear manner. The website builds prestige, trust of potential customers and allows you to appear on the market, but you need to take care of it as well as for the company, develop it in the right way, build a good position in the search results and keep up to date with the data presented on it.


How to gain customer trust?
The Internet is full of scammers who use the naivety of people. This raises the question of how to gain customer trust and then keep it. First of all, the website must be nice, aesthetic, clearly present the offer and contain information that can be easily verified, eg NIP, Regon, address, phone numbers or mails. It’s good to put pictures on it that we’ve made, and not use stock sites available on the internet.


How to maintain customer confidence?
First of all, you should take care of the up-to-date information that appears on the site. If the company deals, for example, with the sale of Italian wines and it also offers on its website, and in practice it turns out that it currently only sells French wines, significantly loses credibility and somehow makes its website useless. It’s worth bragging about co-operation, opinions of satisfied customers or good company results (of course, it’s all within reason). Another interesting idea would be to run a blog that would advocate the adventures of the business.


What is the impact of a website on the company’s income?
In order for a website to have a real impact on the company’s income, it must be well positioned, i.e. show high in the search results (by the way, a high position eg in Google is another point improving credibility). Imagine that the company offers construction of wooden log houses and operates only on the local market, eg in the south of Poland, but would like to expand its activity. Mr. John, from the north of Poland, dreams about such a house, but no one in the area offers such services. If this company had a website that shows up high in the search results, Mr. John would immediately find their offer and probably use it.
Another option is to expand the site with an online store. Some companies even give up on-line outlets and sell their products online. This allows you to reduce the costs of doing business, while increasing your income. The online store reaches a much larger audience.

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