! Online store in one plugin – WooCommerce


Online stores and e-commerce are growing rapidly. There are many reasons, we do not have to leave the house to do shopping, the availability of products and their diversity, because in stores there are often shortages, and the resources on the Internet are much larger. Most entrepreneurs are currently resigning from running physical stores and are fully moving to online sales. In particular, it can be seen in China, where once very popular shops with small electronics, which could be found at every corner, are closed, and sellers decide to sell online.


Through the likes of Alibaba, Ebay or Amazon, we reach a huge audience. But what if we have a well-established brand that is important in the industry? We must unconditionally have our own online store, preferably enriched with a blog section (which in addition to improving the SEO of our site) where we will talk about our products, even more encouraging to buy them. Building such a website from scratch, eg in PHP, is time-consuming and expensive, although it definitely gives the most possibilities to adapt to the customer’s requirements. You can also use a ready-made, simpler to use and cheaper solution, with WordPress extended with the WooCommerce plugin.


Maybe a bit of history first. WooCommerce premiered on September 27, 2011. The company that created it – WooThemes, was bought by Automattica (WordPress developers) in May 2015. Perhaps it’s abstract to say that you just need to install WooCommerce into our WordPress and we already have a ready online store, but that’s how it really is. Of course, you should make a basic configuration, provide your address details, shipping details, add products and their descriptions, etc., but it’s still relatively little work in relation to what effect we get.


We will simplify our work even more using the ready motifs. We can choose from thousands of paid and a bit truncated free versions, dedicated specifically to WooCommerce. The same applies to plugins, for example integrating our store with payment systems.


WooCommerce configuration is very easy. Throughout the process we are carried out by a very clear and clear guide. All this sounds fantastic, but … all this will only make sense when creating a very simple store. Without programming knowledge, it will be difficult for us to develop our website with personalized functionalities, eg integration with a selected invoicing system. Using ready-made themes is not a bad thing, but it takes away a certain note of uniqueness from our store.


In vulpo! we create fully personalized stores based on WooCommerce. We will adjust all components and design according to your preferences. If you want to start your e-commerce adventure from a high level, contact us!