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! Top 10 plugins for WordPress

Top 10 plugins for WordPress

Plugins are one of the strongest websites of WordPress. Of course, it is wrong to say that they will handle everything and are a remedy for all evil, but they allow creating and developing websites even for lay people. The following list presents 10 plugins that are worth installing on your WordPress or simply test and learn about their capabilities.

1. Contact Form 7

An absolute leader in the category of contact forms. Plenty of possibilities in personalization, ease of configuration and banal implementation make this plugin drive more than 5 million pages. It also includes support for reCAPTCHA, so you can avoid spam.

2. Gutenberg

New in the WordPress world. Very quickly Gutenberg gained supporters and opponents. The name refers to the German craftsman and printer Johannes Gutenberg, which already suggests the functionalities of the plug. Well, this is an improved, completely changed entry editor. It allows, among other things, to arrange the structure of an entry from blocks containing various content such as texts, pictures, etc.

3. WP Super Cache

Is your page loading too long? You lose visitors. This is not a statement sucked from your finger, because Google statistics tell about it. The remedy for this may be the WP Super Cache plugin, which generates static HTML files from relatively heavier and more expensive PHP WordPress scripts. Thanks to this the site will load incomparably faster.

4. Two Factor Authentication

“Safety first” as the Americans used to say. How to easily avoid bots attacks on our WordPress website? Use the Two Factor Authentication plugin, which will add the second step when logging in to the admin panel, consisting in entering the code received on the meil, application or via SMS. An absolute must have in terms of security.

5. Yoast SEO

You have no idea about positioning, but would you like your site to be high in the search results? Install Yoast SEO, a plugin that tells you what you should change to better optimize your site for positioning. It also allows you to add keywords to our entries and easily edit their descriptions displayed in the search results.

6. Disqus Comment System

Another leader in their field. As the name suggests, Disqus is a plugin that adds a comment system to our pages and entries. Why are comments so important? They generate traffic on the website, and the benefits of this flow do not even need to be exchanged. Disqus allows you to manage them easily.

7. Advanced TinyMCE

If you are attached to the traditional editor of entries, which is TinyMCE and you can not find out for Gutenberg, it is worth installing the Advanced TinyMCE plugin. It will extend the editor with additional fields, thanks to which our entries will be more advanced.

8. WP Biographia

Horace said: “I will build a monument, more durable than with bronze.” This means that thanks to your creativity, you will never be forgotten. WP Biographia adds a short note about the author and the description under each entry. Maybe it will not be remembered forever, but it will certainly be recognized in the industry, which he writes about every day.

9. Cookie Notice

A simple plugin that solves our problems to inform users about the cookie policy.

10. Query Monitor

A plugin designed for developers. It allows you to view what queries are sent to the database, what views are called on specific subpages and allows debugging the code.