! SEO – how to improve?

How to improve SEO?

Why SEO is so important? When we already have a website, blog or store, we want to reach the largest group of recipients. Of course, advertising on social media, adwords or other media is one of the ways, but not the most effective. The best results are given by the high position in the search results, but unfortunately it requires a considerable amount of systematic and consistent work. So how to do it?
We need to think about SEO already during the creation of the website. Using the right tags in accordance with current standards and adapting the website for mobile devices is an absolute basis. Why is the responsive template so important? From April 21, 2005, Google is one of the ranking factors, taking into account the adaptation of the site for mobile devices. It’s not just about the template, but also the speed of loading the page. Currently, the solution known as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which Google very much promotes, is becoming more and more popular. This solution consists in caching the page on the servers of the giant from the Silicon Valley. The speed of page loading can be easily checked using PageSpeed ​​Insights.

PageSpeed Insights

Another thing that works “in the background”, but it is necessary to take care of it is to supplement the descriptions of the meta page, titles, alternative descriptions for images, etc. Meta descriptions are placed in the Google search results. Keyword should be used in them, but the indexing algorithms are sensitive to their excess or non-compliance with the truth, so you should do it sensitively. If we do not have descriptions or titles entered, Google will pull them out automatically based on the content posted on the page, but this is a poor solution, because you can even find a text from the main menu. Meta data are very relevant to the meta descriptions, for example pictures or grades appearing along with these descriptions in the search results. Alternative text for images on the page is necessary because if they do not load correctly, the text describing them will be displayed in their place.


termed Szukaj w Google


The safety of users visiting our website also affects the position in the search results. The simplest and the most effective method is to use the HTTPS protocol.

We can also use our visitors to improve the position of our site on Google. If they will share content from our site, or link it to other places such as forums or social media, this will affect the ranking factor of our website. You do not need to be a marketing specialist to know how crucial it is to own and run social media through companies. If we add a listing of our site to Google My Business, there will be user ratings from social media.

etermed Szukaj w Google Moja Firma


If we are talking about the content on our site, it is worth to ensure that it has as much as possible unique and useful content. Many large companies base their SEO strategy on, for example, running a blog, on which a lot of unique content appears regularly. However, it’s easy to get trapped in copying content from other sites, or duplicating them. This, in turn, significantly affects the deterioration of the positioning of our site.

As it is easy to see, SEO is the key to the Internet success of the company, but at the same time an extremely difficult challenge. In vulpo! we specialize in the production of websites that easily make friends with Google’s robots and help existing ones to do so. Do you need help with SEO-related issues? Contact us.