SEO - how to appear on the web

! SEO – how to appear on the web

How to appear in search results

When running a blog, online store or a company website promoting certain products and services we offer, we want to reach the largest possible audience. The more unique users enter on our sites, the more potential customers or regular visitors you have, the better chances for better earnings you have. The times when all marketing activities of big companies were based on the rubbish bought in the newspaper are over. Today, the key to success is high position in Google search results or other search engines.


Activities aimed at adapting the website to the appropriate display in the search results are SEO (from English Search Engine Optimization). In short, this is an action aimed at placing our site high in the rankings of search engines. In general, when planning a SEO strategy, we must bear in mind that these are long-term activities. The results we can observe after weeks or even months. The algorithms that decide which pages to display at the top of the lists have developed over the last few years and, unfortunately, constantly change certain assessment criteria.


However, we must distinguish the concepts of “positioning” and “SEO”, because even though both have to give similar effects, they are something completely different. Positioning is a process that is supposed to ensure the appearance of a website in the search results as high as possible after certain keywords have been provided. SEO, on the other hand, is, as mentioned earlier, the optimization and adaptation of the page to its appropriate display in the search results. So you can say that SEO is one of the actions aimed at improving positioning.


Algorithms assessing where our site is to be included in the ranking are so-called “robots”. They illuminate the code of our website, but above all check its optimization, i.e. they test the speed of its operation, or what will happen if everything fails to load properly. Currently, there is a new technology on the market, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which Google strongly promotes. It is used to create a mobile version of the website, which is cached on the servers of the giant from the Silicon Valley, which ensures its very fast loading. Implementation of this solution is a bit problematic and time-consuming, but it guarantees us that our site will be very high in the search results.


There are many more treatments to optimize our site for positioning, AMP is just one of many possibilities, but only for mobile versions. More about this in the SEO article – how to make friends with Google robots.