WordPress - build your website within few clicks

! WordPress – build your website within few clicks

Simple website based on WordPress

Just few years ago, the quality of websites wasn’t the greatest comparing to today’s standards. To find it out check Wayback Machine. Realities have changed a lot, technology is proceeding at an alarming pace. Today, we have such tools that even laymen who have no idea about the prevailing trends or programming, can create nice looking websites. Concepts such as “Drag and Drop” or “Website Builder” are no longer alien to anyone. WordPress, along with its extensions, made creating websites even simpler.

In fact, in creating a simple website based on WordPress, the most difficult is its installation (although many hosting companies already provide “autoinstallers”, which do whole process for us). In the next stage we have three options to choose from. The first is to install the ready theme and use its components, filling them with your own content. The second is to build, create pages and subpages using builders such as Elementor, Divi (theme with built-in builder) or Beaver Builder. The third option requires knowledge of programming, because it is to write the theme yourself and it is not as difficult as it may seem. Which solution is the best? The use of a ready solution saves time and requires practically no knowledge, using the builder gives you more freedom, but using its free versions we can collide with many restrictions, while creating your own theme is very time-consuming, although it definitely gives you the greatest opportunity to show off.


There are thousands of free themes and many of them have a pro version with more personalization possibilities and technical support from creators. For such versions, however, usually you have to pay, often a considerable amount of money. Is it worth investing in paid themes? This is a topic for a different discussion. WordPress has its default themes, however, they are quite poor. In the network, we can find a lot of combinations of the best themes with presentations of their capabilities and division into categories, from business, to e-commerce, and even as specific as restaurants.

Working with builders is a bit more difficult. We start with a blank page with a toolbar, from which we select the components we are interested in and customize them according to our preferences. The choice is huge, from graphic blocks with the presentation of data, photo galleries to windows integrated with social media. We are limited by our own imagination and … lack of certain functionalities in free versions. Unfortunately, although WordPress is a free tool, many of its useful extensions have to be paid for.


Creating your own theme requires a lot of time and programming knowledge, but we are free to choose what to put there and how it should look. In the network you can find a lot of tutorials on how to write your own theme from scratch and then put it for example in the WordPress repository. Thanks to this, others will also be able to use our theme.


In vulpo! We will do everything for you, we can modify the theme you choose or write it from scratch. We have experience in creating websites entirely based on proprietary solutions. Do you need a website with an individual character that will stand out from the others? Contact us!